Alex Menglide

Huertas | Logo

My friend Jonah Miller asked me to design the logo for his first restaurant, Huertas—named after the street he lived on while studying abroad in Madrid. The logo is intentionally imperfect, inspired by Spanish hand-painted street signs. This was my first foray into vector art, and while it certainly lacks polish, I always smile when I walk by the sign.

Huertas is located on 107 first avenue in new york city

Baby’s first vector logo. That ‘A’ will forever haunt me.

Baby’s first vector logo. That ‘A’ will forever haunt me.

For the menus, Jonah was looking for a clean look, but not too modern or minimal. It was important to him that the menus felt coherent with the space, which has a rustic charm. In keeping with the illustrative aesthetic of the logo, we used a basque-inspired font for the menu headers. To complement the whimsical Basca, we landed on the more refined Calluna for body copy.

Drawing inspiration from the bar mural at Huertas, I illustrated a playful octopus tentacle to tie the three menus together. The pintxo menu is always presented on top of the dinner/drinks menu, so I made sure that the lines continue seamlessly from the smaller menu to the bigger one below it.