Stareable | Brand

At a four-person early stage startup, there is ample opportunity to contribute. When I’m not overseeing our product development, I’m focused on building our brand, which could entail anything from designing a pitch deck, to prepping assets for social media.

brand logo

The Stareable logo references a video scrubber—an element common to media players; hinting at our product offering. The logo also visually emphasizes the action that we want users to associate with our site: to look fixedly at something with one's eyes wide open.

brand font

Open Sans is a friendly font that is optimized for legibility across digital interfaces. This font family is used across the entire site, and was also used in creating the Stareable logo.

brand colors

As we hosted meet-ups to get to know our target users, we noticed some common traits start to surface. The majority of the creators we connected with were young, light-hearted, risk-taking, playful, and just a bit irreverent. The site's color palette is a reflection of these qualities.


forget the box podcast

I designed the logo for our podcast, as well as the episode art that we use to promote across our social media channels. “Forget the Box” is a nod to our mission to help creators bypass the filters of traditional television.

stareable fest

Our inaugural web series festival took place in July 2018. As the new kid on the film festival block, we wanted to make a splash. (Having a bright yellow step-and-repeat helped!) I designed everything from the festival badges, to the signage, to the programs.