I'm a multidisciplinary designer, living in Brooklyn and leading Product at Stareable, the largest community of web series creators.

Born and raised in New York City, I've always been drawn to physical spaces and their effect on the human spirit. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and Spanish, I decided to pursue my Master's in Interior Design at Pratt Institute. During graduate school, I became comfortable using digital design tools to create diagrams, renderings and presentations. Upon finishing the program, I dabbled in the furniture world for a bit before switching gears yet again.

Eager to work in a digital medium, I left my full-time job in furniture to join Kargo as an intern, when it was a small but ambitious ad tech start-up. In the years that followed, I learned how to design a new type of user experience—trading up square feet for pixels, and floor plans for wireframes. After five amazing years at Kargo, I set out to transform my side hustle into my main hustle.

In my spare time, I enjoy going on long runs, cleaning my apartment, making lists, admiring furniture, working on side projects and exploring my ever-changing city and all that it entails.